Hunting the American Werewolf Beast men in Wisconsin and beyond


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Modern science tells us that werewolves do not exist. That there is no possible way that they could exist, yet over the years there has been hundreds of reliable witnesses that have come forth to tell of what they have seen. Strange wolf-like bipedal creatures are seen lurking across the United States.


Most people don't believe in the possibilities of them even existing, so why even give it any thought?


This is why I recommend you get this book. Why? because of the overwhelming amount of sighthings from sane and sober individuals that have reported over the years a strange beast roaming the country side. The testimonials in this book are chilling and unexplainable.


Linda Godfrey's "hunting the American Werewolf" is an extraordinary book which accounts for some of the most creepiest and controversial eyewitness accounts of the Wisconsin beast.

Although no one knows the origin of this film, it goes be the name "Gable film". It is said to be a genuine film that containts an unusual creature in Michigan

This book is filled with true eyewitness accounts



"The 'thing' didn't seem too upset by us being there. It just stood there, long arms...greeny-yellow eyes..."


member of the U.S. Navy upon seeing an "Anubis looking creature" while patrolling. -"Hunting the American Werewolf", Godfrey (104-105)



Most books I've read in regards to Werewolves or the like are either too elementary or too mythological for my taste. 'Hunting the American Werewolf' is like no other book in it's genre. Straight to the point and provides the testimonials of ordinary people who experienced and unordinary event.


Linda Godfrey was kind enough to send me a copy of her book for a review.







After reading 'Hunting the American Werewolf', I must say that I re-evaluated what I believed to be possible and what I thought was impossible.

Science tells us that there are no such things as Werewolves, but what do we make of all the accounts recorded in this book from sober and educated individuals who saw something that they cannot explain? From hunters who encountered something that they knew was not cataloged in modern day science. Something that they know should not exist?


Skeptical about strange creatures roaming in Wisconsin?


I must be honest, when I heard of the 'Beast of Bray Road' a few years ago, I assumed this to be the byproduct of an urban legend. Something that was created as a joke and/or embellished by local newspapers to get the extra sales, boy was I wrong!


The accounts that are told in 'Hunting the American Werewolf' are taken with a serious and skeptic mind set. Linda does not only record and investigate the sightings of the beasts, she always approaches an investigation with a very skeptical standpoint and a very rational one. She presents the evidence to the readers and also tries to logically explain what "it" could have been that the witnesses saw.

"The most frightening accounts of the beast ever recorded!"



"It appeared then to be an overly large dog...I saw what looked at first to me like a human, a man, trying to walk on all turned and looked at me...hairy body and the head and face of a gorilla"


eyewitness of the manwolf creature in Madison, Wisconsin. - "Hunting the American Werewolf", Godfrey (3-4)


Why Werewolves and why Wisconsin?


That was the question that always resonated in my head when I kept hearing about Linda Godfrey and her research. Why do people believe that werewolves exist? and why would they be in the middle of Wisconsin?


Linda Godfrey offers a plethora of possible explanations to these questions. From Alien experiments on humans, to a more logical explanation like that of escaped animals from a local Zoo. This book does not leave you wondering if what you read is just a scam, this book makes you really examine and contemplate the evidence that is presented to you, the reader.


In 'Hunting the American Werewolf" Linda covers all the bases skeptics and believers might have. She methodically examines all the evidence and accounts of the beast(s) that is roaming the Wisconsin area.

"It was about six feet tall, had dark eyes, a doglike face and human like body...It watched me drive away"


Marv Kirschnik, encountered the beast while driving in daylight. - "Hunting the American Werewolf", Godfrey (53)






This was definitely one of the most gripping books I've read in awhile. A guaranteed good read and a book to add to your library collection!




This book is a "must read"



'Hunting the American Werewolf' is a well written book that gives you a very captivating look as well as a bone-chilling accounts of what lurks in the Wisconsin landscape.


'Hunting the American Werewolf' remains in my "Paranormal Book Shelf" as a great resource book. I read the book from cover to cover and could not put it down. It's an excellent reference for the Werewolf enthusiast even to the history buff like myself that study ancient folklore and/or monsters.


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