Grave's End

A true ghost story



In this true story, Elaine Mercado and her family started off as non-believers in the paranormal. After years of apparitions, attacks and poltergeist phenomenon Elaine finally started to accept the fact that her home and lives were haunted. In this book, the author describes in detail the most terrifying experiences she went through in her home in Gravesend New York.

An easy, yet unsettling read of the paranormal

"I keep seeing a small woman, dressed in white, huddling under the second-floor stairwell..."

Friend telling Elaine upon visiting her home. -"Grave's End", Mercado (88)

You won't be able to read it with the lights off!


I managed to read this true story in about 3 hours. I became intrigued after reading that the author of the book did not believe in the paranormal, or ever thought much about it. After years of ignoring the haunting signs, she set aside her doubts and biased beliefs in order to seek help of the ghosts that were plaguing her life. This book is easy to follow and will have you reading it from cover to cover.


"You leave us alone; we'll leave you alone."



Grave's End is a phenomenal account of a haunting. Not only was the author able to catalog her ordeal with the poltergeist, she manages to make the story a smooth read for us while sticking to facts and her own disbelief on what she experienced.

The reson why I decided to read up on the "Grave's end" story was because of the amount of documentation the case had. The author kept a good record of the ordeals that went around her home, as well as the expert investigation from Hans Holzer, one of the world's most respected parapsychologist.

Looking for a scary, yet true ghost story?


I've read countless of stories about haunted homes, ghosts, poltergeist and what-nots. While reading "Grave's End" I thought of most of the paranormal cases I've read and researched and none have been as chilling as this. Why? well because unlike most best selling horror books, this book does not make outrages claims of ghosts or apparitions. The simple story of a Registered Nurse that is trying to pay bills and keep her home and family life together while experiencing nightly attacks is terrifying enough to make the reader turn on the lights.


It's straight-to-point details of the paranormal occurances makes this a story that one can find some relation to. No floating headless body, or spirits coming out of your television in this book. Just a excerpts like when Elaine throws a party one night and a friend comes to her to tell her that there is a small lady huddling underneath her stairwell in a white gown....

"Parapsychologist Han Holzer's most famous case"



"While she was sleeping next to me, I woke up to go to the bathroom and I saw a cloudy type of thing on top of Karin. It looked like a puffy-shaped lady..."

One of Elaine's daugther talking about seeing a figure of a lady on top of her sister, - "Grave's End", Mercado (102)










"You leave us alone; we'll leave you alone..."

Disembodied voice whispered to Elaine's ear. - "Grave's End", Mercado




True and terrifying! Elaine Mercado accounts for some of New York's most haunting case!






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"Grave's End" quickly became one of my favorite paranormal stories upon reading it. As much as I enjoyed reading "The Amityville Horror" when I was young, it was based on lies and exagerated accounts.


Grave's End does not portray a person in need of attention or fame. The book is composed of stories that were witnessed by several people, including people who still to this day refuse to say that what they experienced in Gravesend New York was something paranormal, although they themselves cannot come up with a logical exaplanation as to what they saw and experienced.




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